Please consider this an invitation to join the Sandusky Sailing Club family. All that is required is a keen interest in sailing, a propensity to have fun, and a desire to learn more about a wonderful sport or means of relaxation, depending on your perspective.

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Camaraderie.....Where else can you find over 100 sailors on a Wednesday evening trading sailing stories after the race, sipping a cold beer or soda, and munching on a burger or bratwurst? Our members are always helpful to newcomers, whether it's discussing faster ways to sail around the marks, how much scope to let out when anchoring, or when the first tuck should be put into the main. Fun and safe sailing are what SSC is all about. Whether you're a racer, a cruiser, a boat owner or a crew member, there are plenty of sailing and social activities all year around that you can enjoy.  

Family.....The family unit is the glue that holds SSC together. Whether it's cruising, racing, a club rendezvous at the sandbar, the annual Christmas party with 35 children at Santa's feet or a sail-in to one of the Lake Erie Islands, the family comes first at SSC. And, judging by the number of baby strollers around the club house last summer, it's sure to remain that way.

Racing.....Since 1932, SSC has made its presence felt on Lake Erie and around the world. We are a competitive club with many traveling sailors. From Mackinac to Miami, from Newport to San Diego, SSC has been represented well by our members. We also have boasting rights to one of the finest race committees found anywhere! This is why SSC is sought after to host many national and international regattas such as the Interlake Nationals, Tartan Ten Nationals, MORC Internationals and Thistle Nationals to name a few. SSC has races on Wednesday night as well as on the weekends throughout the entire summer. When winter comes, an active ice yacht fleet can be seen skimming the bay on most weekends. The SSC is a "Golden Anchor" award club with USSA for having 100% racing membership.

Learning to Sail.....Our "Learn to Sail Program" is hard to beat! The enthusiasm that builds during a course is a pleasure to watch. Kids and adults find that in a relatively short period of time, they can get a boat to move in the proper direction. By the end of the course, they become quite self-sufficient. SSC has a fleet of Interlakes, an excellent learning boat, and we offer classes for both novice and advanced sailors. This large Interlake fleet is an excellent way of helping sailors become involved in the racing program.

Tradition.....Since our inception in 1932, SSC has been steeped in tradition. A number of members, both past and present, have held the high post of commodore in the I-LYA, and many continue to be quite active and influential in that organization. SSC has played a significant role in the promoting sailing and waterfront development in the Sandusky Bay area.

Adventure.....Besides an active racing program, the cruising fleet at SSC has enjoyed considerable growth in recent years. The fleet has organized sail-ins to a number of different anchorages throughout Lake Erie. In August, the fleet usually plans an overnight rendezvous at one of the nearby Lake Erie islands. This event normally includes a cookout with such delicacies as crab legs, steamed clams, corn on the cob and tropical beverages. It doesn't get any better than this!