Tartan 10 Fleet #16

Fleet Captain: Mike Fishbaugh

T-10 Class Association

In the late 1970s, the Tartan Ten was the dream design of Charlie Britton of Tartan Marine of Grand River, Ohio.  The 33-foot boats are the ideal one-design racing auxiliary - no ratings or large expensive sail inventories are needed to be competitive.  The fractional rig makes it very easy for two people to sail as well as families to race.

Fleet #16 began in Sandusky in 1982 with six boats.  With some 60 Ten's on Lake Erie there is plenty of great racing.  Most of the Sandusky fleet races are within easy traveling distances between Lorain and Port Clinton, although trips to Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and Mentor are not uncommon.

In 1983, Sandusky Sailing Club hosted the Tartan Ten North Americans.  It was a fantastic event chaired by Harold Christianson and for several years held the record for the largest number of participants - 39 boats!  SSC's own George Ward won that year with his "Wine Squall" and went on to win again in 1985, 1986, 1989 and again in 1997.

In 1992, the SSC T-10 Fleet #16 again hosted the North Americans, chaired this time by PC Fred Walcott, with 33 boats and crews from Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio having a great time ashore and competing on Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie.

The fleet is always ready to welcome new members who are looking to compete in one-design and yet have the comforts of an auxiliary.  Try us out on a local Wednesday race.