JAM Fleet

Fleet Captain: Dave Brink

The Jib and Main Fleet was started at SSC as a "training ground" for skippers who planned to race under the PHRF rule.  It quickly lost its reputation as strictly a "training ground" and has grown to become one of the largest and most competitive fleets at SSC, drawing sailors from all levels of experience and competition.  It has also expanded tremendously on Lake Erie and has been recognized as a fleet by the I-LYA since the 1982 season.  JAM sailors from SSC have become well-respected and known as the "boats to beat" when racing against sailors from other clubs.

Racing under the PHRF rule (adjusted for JAM measurements) without spinnakers has proven  to be a challenge to novice and experienced skippers alike.  Many sailors who want to try their hand at racing, but don't have the experience have found that they can learn a tremendous amount while racing JAM.  Experienced sailors who don't have the crew available to "fly a kite" have found that they can still enjoy racing competitively, and without all the hassles of sail changes, setting poles, guys, sheets and topping lifts.  The JAM Fleet has proven to be great fun for sailors of all levels.